Anyone who has been doing repairs for a while will tell you that everyone says they have the highest quality displays at the best prices. But what is the real differences between FVG and our competitors? We don’t believe in taking shortcuts to maximize profits. We stand behind top notch quality and give our customers the best prices we can.

Best iPhone LCD Replacement Made By FVG

Top Quality LCD's

iphone x

Our LCD's are created with the highest grade materials and contain zero defects in the display area so you won't have to worry.

Polarized Display

Polarize Display

A true polarized layer that allows you to view the display from any angle with optimal brightness.

Brightest & Whitest Backlight

Comparison iPhone LCD

We use only the highest quality & brightest backlights with over 500+ Nits to provide the brightest images & best clarity on all of our displays.

No Frame Issues

No Frame Issues

All of our displays are inspected for any issues before we ship them out to be sure the frame is intact and free of bends, breaks, and is not misaligned.

3D Touch Layer

3D Touch phone

A REAL 3D Touch Grid built into the LCD Panels to provide the most accurate responsiveness and sensitivity.

High-Quality Color

High-Quality Color

We ensure our displays provide color and contrast that is comparable with the standards of OEM.

Perfect Fit

Cellphone Parts

Our parts are tested thoroughly for an optimal fit for the specified device. We eliminate even the smallest margins of error.

Scratch & Blemish Free

iphone LCD

All displays are fully inspected for scratches or blemishes to ensure the highest quality for our customers.